Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Photography Workshop

On July 23rd 2009 I took part in a whole day workshop on wedding and reception photography in Brno given by a professional photographer Jan Branc from Prague. This was a very interesting event, in particular the afternoon exercises with our beautiful models Veronika and Michal were a real fun. Take a look at some of their pictures.

My personal goal on this workshop was to take as many shots as possible in natural light only. Since I got my new Canon 5D mark II I realized that noise in high ISO images is not that much of an issue any more and I am rediscovering the beauty of natural light portraits. I think that I got a couple of great shots of Veronika and Michal. A few more images can be seen here.


Jacob said...

What great photos they are! They are really beautiful wedding couple. I am sure that it was taken by professional photographer.

Edmund said...

The photos are simple but they look awesome. The use of lighting is also great and the expression revealed also looks naturally. They look wonderful and they can be used as a nice idea while I am married to someone I love.