Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Break Dancer

A few years ago I was visiting Stuttgart and met a bunch of very skilled break dancers performing on the street. I asked for their email and send them a few pictures I took during their performance. We exchanged a few emails and quickly agreed on a small photo session in a nearby park. This picture was one of the best thanks to the diagonal composition and the fact that all leading lines point towards the dancers face (the leg, the ground line of the right hand-side buidling, the join line between the left and right hand-side bulding). The colours were slightly enhanced in Lightroom. The photo is natural light only with a little bit on-camera flash as fill-in. Camera spec: Canon 20D with Canon 28-105 3.5-4.5 at 30mm, F8 @ 1/125, ISO 200.


nana andrade said...

I'm always looking your photos, and I love it!
In fact, one of them.. just is especial, it marked my life.. in a good and bealtiful way..
so forgive me but I'd put it in my blog, with a song that in the same way is especial.. I hope you don't might it.. It's really great what you can do with a camera and I hope you can understand me.

Ps.: here is my blog: I'm brasilian, so, forgive me my english..

Jiri Srba said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Of course I don't mind and I am glad that this image you chose has something to tell you. It is a pity I don't understand your language and so cannot appreciate your lyrics, but I used at least a google translation to get a feeling what the song is about. Best wishes, Jiri