Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Close Together

I think it is time to finish the series of images from India and return back to Denmark. Today I have decided to present one of my favorite photos that I took in autumn last year. Whenever I take a look at this photo I recall the amazing connection between this young couple. I tried to analyze what attracts my eyes to this photo and I believe that these are the two diagonal lines. One is connecting their faces and the other one is the line of the man's shoulder continued by the horizon in the left upper corner. These lines meet in the center where the couple is looking too. The focus was on girl's eyes which happen to be in the same distance as the man's eyes; hence the photo looks so sharp even though the depth of field is quite narrow. Camera spec: Canon 5D mark ii with Canon 70-200 4L at 149mm, F5.6 @ 1/320, ISO 100.

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