Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunrise at Taj Mahal

Let us leave the belly dance for a while now. Today I would like to show you something different. A few years ago I was traveling through India and had the pleasure to visit the famous Taj Mahal. The composition of this photo is pretty straightforward: dead centered accenting the amazing symmetry of the building. There is a slight mirror reflection in the water, I just wish I had a wider lens with me that time so that I could have come closer and get more of it. What I think is special about this particular picture compared to what most tourists get on their compact cameras is that there are no people on the photo. This was achieved first of all by getting up very early in the morning. I remember that when I asked our driver to depart from our hotel at around 4:30 am, he could not believe his ears. It was little bit foggy that day but the first sun beams offered some beautiful, nontraditional colors. Still, there were a few people left on the photo (it is virtually impossible to be alone in a place like this) which I could quickly remove in lightroom using the clone tool. Camera spec: Canon 20D with 28-105 3.5-4.5 at 28mm, F8 @ 1/200, ISO 200.

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