Monday, January 25, 2010

A Man with a Snake

This is one of the photos I liked most from my trip to Bangalore. As the photos before, it was taken with an analog camera and scanned but the colors and sharpness are quite nice. The reason I like this photo is because it is giving lots of information in one shot, a good story telling photo. The man is sitting on the ground and showing his snake in order to get some money. I assume that the woman sitting at the background is his wife. Guessing from the golden ring on man's finger, they probably have a decent life. I gave the man a few rupees and he kindly agreed to be photographed. This was the first shot I have taken. I wanted to take a few more pictures but the man proved to be a good businessman and kept asking for more and more money. So I was shooting as long as I had some coins left but this first photo remained the best of the series. Camera spec: Canon EOS 300 with Canon 28-105 F3,5-4,5 USM, film Fuji Superia ISO 200, scanned on Canon MP980.

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