Wednesday, January 20, 2010

People of India

Out of the many photos I took in India I was mostly fascinated by the different characters of people that one can meet in India. Most of the people gladly accepted to be photographed and today I am presenting a photo of two young ladies, most likely university students, because the picture was taken close at the university campus of Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. The colors are beautiful and the quality of the scan is surprisingly good. I have actually noticed that the dynamic range of a film is much higher than that of today's digital cameras. This photo was taken in a full sun and the exposition is fine both in highlights and shadows (except for sharpening and some basic color adjustments the scan was not improved in any other way). What a pity I don't own any film camera any more ... maybe I should get one :-) Camera spec: Canon EOS 300 with Canon 28-105 F3,5-4,5 USM, film Fuji Superia ISO 200, scanned on Canon MP980.

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