Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abandoned Home

Today I am posting a photo from the city of Ruse in Bulgaria. The city has a sad history. First in 1980's the close by chemical factory located in Romania had been polluting the air to such a degree that many Ruse inhabitants were forced to leave and even more people left after the economical decline in the forthcoming decades. As a result, even though the city is growing again these days, one can find many abandoned houses and blocks of flats as on today's photo. The picture was taken with my favorite lens Tokina 11-16 2,8 at 11mm which allowed me to get quite close to the building and capture this unusual perspective adding to the impression that the building is about to collapse at any moment. Camera spec: Canon 20D with Tokina 11-16 2,8 at 11mm, F9 @ 1/60, ISO 100.


Stewart said...

Where was that abandoned home located? I like the picture you have taken by using Canon 20D with Tokina 11-16 2, 8 at 11mm. I become interested in having this type of camera because it can produce high quality and great photo.

Alvaro said...

This house looks quite horrible. And unfortunately this house is not unkempt. I really like the architecture of this house, really very classic and very colonial. I was very surprised to hear that Ruse inhabitants were forced to leave their home. It is very cruel. And by the way, I really like the results of your photo. Good job.