Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carrus Navalis 2010

YouTube version:

Vimeo version:

I visited the downtown of Aalborg today to watch a street parade called Carrus Navalis. Apart from taking photos, I decided to test the video capabilities of my Canon 5D mark ii. Unfortunately, I didn't have any external microphone, so the sound quality is rather poor. The footage is ok for the first try, however, the video quality after the encoding degraded little bit but I think that it is acceptable. Unfortunately, when watching on Vimeo in HD, the video is jerky from time to time. So I used also YouTube to see if there is any difference and it seems that it plays smoother via YouTube on my computer. I would appreciate if you could leave a comment on this blog and let me know whether YouTube and Vimeo played smoothly on your computer in full screen and whether you saw any difference in quality. Thanks! On Vimeo, be sure to watch it in HD (possible only from the Vimeo page). Enjoy! Camera spec: Canon 5D mark ii with Canon 24-105 4L USM, build-in microphone, hand-held.


Jiri Srba said...

Here you can leave a comment about the quality of the playback on your computer. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Jiri

Claus said...

Nice job!, Hopefully I'll be back for the real Karneval, so I can join in the fun.

I experienced that both versions jerked once or twice in the beginning, where the nice Apple effects appear. But otherwise run smoothly, on my macbook.