Friday, April 30, 2010

Everything in Harmony

Here comes another portrait. There are three things I like about this photo. First, it is the lighting which provides a very soft light quality with no shadows on the walls behind. It was achieved by Speedlite 580EXII on a stand to camera left with Walimex Magic Square Softbox 60x60cm as the key light. The fill was provided by my on-camera flash bouncing off the wall and ceiling to the right. Second, I think that the overall composition is quite pleasing. There are many leading lines pointing towards my subject who is placed pretty much in the center. Then I tried to fill each corner of the photo with something to create a balanced atmosphere. The lamps, sofa, table with a flowerpot and the hint of a picture frame create this overall harmony which is enhanced by the relaxed look of the lady. Third, the blue colors on her dress nicely complement the other overall warm colors. I was very happy about this photo. Enjoy! Camera spec: Canon 5D mark ii with Canon 24-105 4L at 35mm, F8 @ 1/60, ISO 200.

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