Sunday, April 4, 2010

Robinson Crusoe

Well, yesterday we took a trip to the local ZOO in Aalborg. Many animals were still hidden because of the relatively cold weather this year, but the penguins were quite happy about the conditions. It took a long time to wait for this photo because I wanted only one penguin to be featured here. The elements in the composition do not allow the viewer's eyes to escape and since I first saw the photo I liked it. Black and white conversion in Lightroom helped to emphasize the small penguin in the picture. Taking the atmosphere and the surroundings into account, I decided to call it Robinson Crusoe. Does not it look like a lonely penguin on a deserted island? Camera spec: Canon 5D mark ii with Canon 70-200 4L at 200mm, F4.5 @ 1/500, ISO 100.

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