Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Presidents Meet

When the presidents of China and USA meet, everybody wants to take the best shot, right? This time I was thinking differently. While all other photographers were crowded behind the wall on the right side, I slipped through the secret secvice in order to get a less ordinary photo of the two presidents and the result was worth it, what do you think? Well, right ..., nobody will believe me this, I know. The fact is that the photo was taken while visiting the exhibition of international affairs in Macao last autumn. I was working on a photo marathon assignment where one of the tasks was called "Obama Look A Like". I saw the big poster with both presidents and immediately thought what a lucky coincidence. But only for a while because it was obvious that taking just an ordinary snapshot of the poster would be way too easy to fulfill my homework. So I was thinking how differently I can photograph this scene and noticed the nice wooden wall at the entrance. I found it interesting and tried to bring a political dimension to my photo by placing the two presidents into different frames. I like how the warm welcome contrasts with this framing, indicating perhaps two contradictory faces of the relationships between China and USA these days. Camera spec: Canon 20D with Canon 28-105, 3.5-4.5 USM at 30mm, F3.5 @ 1/40, ISO 1600.

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