Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grease Style

Not a long time ago I was asked by our friends to photograph their daughter. There was a nice, old car standing in front of their house and I was thinking about how can I create something special for them. It was a sunny day, everybody was relaxed and the famous musicals Grease and Saturday Night Fever came to my mind. I opened the front door of the car, ask the girl to sit with her legs crossed over and suggested the position of her hands to make the photo look natural. Then it was a question of finding the right angle so that the leading lines point to her (there are really many of them on this photo) and press the shutter. The main light was provided by my off-camera speedlite 580EX II with 1/4 CTO gel to camera left and the accent light at her hair is thanks to the sun. Normally I would shoot with an umbrella but the sun was very strong so I fired a bare flash to create the butterfly lighting pattern. The picture also took a deal of postprocessing in Lightroom but it never saw Photoshop. I followed a great Lightroom tutorial by Scott Kelby here to create the effect I wanted. I might write little bit more about this in some future post. But now let's return to the sixties and seventies and enjoy the photo! Camera spec: Canon 5D mark ii with Canon 24-105 4L at 82mm, F13 @ 1/250, ISO 200.

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