Friday, May 7, 2010

Tulips Again

Well, I could not resist to post this photo. What is so special about it? I took it on my brand new camera, Canon Powershot S90. Yes, I know ... it is a compact camera but there are a few things I quite like about it. First of all, it is as portable as it can get, which means I can always have it with me. Second, the quality of the photos (especially in a good light) is very good. The lens is sharp and the colors are reproduced very nicely (I used the vivid mode for this photo). Take a look at the 100% crop on the right. Third, it has all the Av, Tv and Manual modes I am used to from my SLR cameras. The ISO performance is ok up to ISO 400, which feels like ISO 3200 on my 5D mark ii (which is actually not bad at all). Further on it get quite noisy, but this was to be expected. A nice feature is that the lens at its wide end is F2.0, which is really good. So far I try to shoot at ISO 80 (the lowest possible) as often as I can and the results look very good. I somehow thing that more photos taken with S90 will follow in the future on this blog. If you want to read more about this nice little camera, take a look here. Camera spec: Canon Powershot S90 at 10.7mm, F3.2 @ 1/60, ISO 80.

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Graham said...

Your picture is beautiful taken by Canon Powershot S90 :) It has sharp and clear image. Actually, I am a big fan of Canon Camera. I adore your artwork, Jiri Srba!